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Fluorescent Tube Recycling

Safe fluorescent lamp and tube disposal and recycling has become a lot more important over the last year or two. Previously, fluorescent light tubes have just been sent as rubbish to landfill; yet, even though each lamp includes only small rates of mercury just one fluorescent tube can contaminate up to 30,000 litres of water. It is now no longer okay to keep on sending these lamps to landfill because of the absolute number of lamps being disposed of.

There are more than one hundred million fluorescent tubes and lamps used in the UK each year developing a danger to the surroundings and water table.

Our fluorescent lamp and tube recycling service gives a safe and reliable solution. We collect your old fluorescent lamps and tubes in specially designed containers, whether they are one off small quantity disposals to regular collections or big stock pile removals. Should you will need a regular service we’ll provide you with an appropriate container in order to safely store your old fluorescent lamps and tubes, subsequently when complete, we remove the storage container for recycling in exchange for an empty one so that you constantly have a safe disposal service available.

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